Solutions are not the result of problems but challenges. We address the challenges with sustainable effects.

Areas of consultancy

Investment documentation

As part of the investment documentation, we help you create different solutions for your further investment and development, new investments and projects, or just anticipate your organization's business operation in the future.

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Areas of consultancy

Process improvement

The growth of a company requires various adjustments within the entire business process. According to individual functions, we address the problems caused by rapid growth, the transfer of ownership, preparing for the transfer of a company or simply the failure of organizing, etc. As part of the various functions in the company, we accompany you on your path to the growth of your company. Also, we advise and help you build solid foundations for your company.

Areas of consultancy

Project management

The duration of the project may vary. If we want a well-managed project, without any unforeseen problems, it first needs to be well planned and then the pre-determined objectives shall be precisely followed. In our company, as part of the project management, we analyse the situation, prepare an audit of the activities, and then carry out the project according to the set activities and goals.

  • Foreign direct investment
  • Various investment and development projects

Areas of consultancy


Tourism is one of the most interesting economic activities. Slovenia is becoming more and more interesting for various investments in the field of tourism. Guests are becoming more demanding and expect more and more.

Areas of consultancy


The European Union helps with its financial resources in the development and realization of various projects. Almost every development project is co-financed today by the EU and partly by national funds. A good project is needed to obtain a subsidy; however, this is not enough. The project needs to be carefully implemented; only in this case you are entitled to benefit from a subsidy.

Areas of consultancy

Education and research

In order to achieve stable growth and development of the company, it is necessary to constantly focus on gaining new knowledge. In the course of training for companies we prepare various education and training courses for the purposes of development and growth of entrepreneurship.

It is important for companies to enter foreign markets. We thus help companies with various activities when entering foreign markets (internationalization, market research, etc.).