Public good for the environment plan

  • Are you aware of the importance of your company's internal and external stakeholders?
  • Do you have a systematic annual plan for donations and sponsorships?
  • Are your investments in the environment sustainable?
  • Are you communicating the reduction in your organisation's CO2 footprint to your stakeholders?2 v vaši organizaciji?
  • Do you inform stakeholders about new jobs?
  • Have you calculated the multiplier effects of your company's activities on the region?

Annual sustainability plan for donations and sponsorship

An annual sponsorship and donation plan will give you a complete overview of your support, help you allocate the funds more equitably, and also allow you to monitor the impact of your donations more easily. It will also help you enhance your brand image in the local and wider community.

Donations and sponsorships allow organisations, associations and institutions in areas of sport, culture, education, health, and humanitarian and other socially responsible activities to do more for their local communities and broader society.

Show off your achievements

You should publicise your achievements that have an impact on social responsibility in the local, regional media.

Community’s awareness,

  • that you are a good employer;
  • that you developed a new product;
  • that you are investing in new BAT equipment;
  • that you are moving towards a green transition;
  • that you organise end-of-year parties for employees;
  • that you organise a picnic with chestnuts for all employees and their families;

..., means that you are sending a strong message to young people looking for a job to choose you, not only because of a good salary, but also due to your company’s positive image.

Our services:

  • Preparation of an annual systematic plan of donations and sponsorships to maximise impact in the region.
  • Calculation of investment’s multiplier effects on the region.
  • Calculation of your company’s multiplier effects on the region.
  • Recommendations and improvement measures.

Are you ready to make a change and reduce your company's environmental impact?

We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve impact on all three pillars of sustainability.