Sustainable tourism plan

Every municipality can have its flagship integrated tourism product (ITP) that is sustainable and will bring in visitors from Slovenia and abroad. Sustainable tourism in a municipality includes all three pillars: environmental, economic and social.

Environmental aspect:

  • Incorporating beautiful nature and a clean, well-maintained environment in the ITP;
  • Learning about the natural and cultural heritage;
  • Developing sustainable protocols that protect natural and cultural heritage;
  • Climate-neutral mobility and discovery of local attractions by e-bike or e-car;
  • Insect hotels in several locations;
  • Integrating RES energy in accommodation and hospitality establishments (energy cooperatives or on their own);
  • Green environmental labels for accommodation, hospitality establishments, municipality,
  • Providing EPDs (green products in the municipality).

Economic aspect:

  • Developing a flagship ITP that will provide a unique 5* experience;
  • Designing tourism packages for different types of visitors;
  • Establishing cooperation with regional incoming agencies;
  • Increasing the number of overnight stays in the municipality;
  • Increasing the number of visitors in the municipality (wine bars, restaurants, accommodation, galleries, etc.);
  • Increasing the duration of visitors’ stay in the municipality;
  • Sustainable investments in tourism infrastructure (private and public investors);
  • Attracting local and other capital to invest in the municipality;
  • Developing digital tools, digital business models and products.

Social aspect:

  • Training local guides;
  • Connecting local providers;
  • Motivating providers to improve the quality of their services;
  • Strengthening local population's friendliness to visitors;
  • Incorporating local traditions, stories into the ITP;
  • Establishing a cooperation network (societies, municipality, TIC, regional incoming agency, LAG, tourism businesses) in order to increase the quality of services.

Sustainable tourism means that the local community is aware of the need to involve all stakeholders in the development of tourism, and to have a well-designed sustainability plan to ensure actions that will lead to concrete results, especially economic.

The trend in tourism is towards visitors wanting to travel less and experience as much as possible. People will increasingly crave detox (including digital detox).

The winners in this will be local communities that:

  • are able to connect with neighbouring local communities and the destination;
  • put nature and the environment first;
  • are able to find a unique experience in the municipality;
  • care for the satisfaction of local tourism providers and residents.

The future lies in enabling the local tourism economy to prosper and investing in tourism infrastructure that meets the needs of local people. The future lies in responsible, sustainable tourism that always provides for future generations.

Our services:

  • Consultancy on building a product with unique selling point (USP).
  • Consultancy on the development of marketing and communication tools.
  • Consultancy on the promotion and sale of ITPs.
  • Development of a sustainable tourism strategy for the municipality.
  • Consultancy on selecting a suitable funding programme.
  • Applying for funding for tourism infrastructure and programmes in tourism and cross-border calls.
  • Preparation of an LCA for issuing an EPD (green products).

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