Promising and excellent level of digital maturity

After implementing ERP, MES, WMS, CRM systems, the integration between systems and the digitalisation upgrade with advanced technologies begins.

Focus on advanced technologies such as:

  • robotics and process automation;
  • internet of things;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • cybersecurity;
  • blockchain technologies;
  • distributed ledger technology.

The goal of the next stage of digitalisation:

  • Automated data collection to minimise production errors and predictive machine maintenance to eliminate downtime due to unforeseen breakdowns. The company is at the SMART FACTORY level. It uses collected data, advanced algorithms and machine learning, and performs predictive analytics to optimise processes.
  • The company has developed a security culture and uses cutting-edge technical solutions. Customer trust is at the highest level in the industry (90+ percentile).
  • The company has one or several web platforms. The company has developed at least one digital product or service.
  • Active omni-channel communication. Proactively responding to customer needs and influencing their purchase decisions.
  • The company uses digital learning and training methods for its employees. Employees are motivated to develop their digital competencies. The company has digital workplaces. The company employs digital workforce. The company has a digitalisation manager.
  • The company uses a software solution for tracking ESRS indicators to help prepare ESG reports and monitor the green transition.

Our services:

  • Preparing a blueprint (roadmap for gradual digital transformation) for the digitalisation upgrade.
  • Assistance in preparing the terms of reference for a request for proposal (RFP).
  • Assistance in obtaining quotations and selecting a digital solutions provider.
  • Applying for reimbursement of digital transformation costs.
  • Administrative management of the digital transformation project for the purpose of reporting and submitting claims.

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