Situational analysis of employees

Successful decisions are powered by good-quality information at the right time. The feedback your employees give you is an important contribution to the success of any organisation.

Situational analysis includes:

  • Review of the organisational chart and job classification.
  • Interviews with managers, key personnel.
  • Employee accountability matrix.
  • Reward system and methodology.
  • Is the employee in the right position, is there synergy, motivation?
  • Does your company transfer competences to young people?

Are your employees satisfied?

Satisfied employees bring better energy to work, are more productive, make fewer mistakes in their work, are more creative and innovative, take less sick leave and are less absent in general. Dissatisfaction, on the other hand, can cause a lot of damage if employees are not given the attention they deserve and are not heard.

How to approach this?

Continuous satisfaction surveying is needed and immediate action must be taken when critical factors are detected. Conducting surveys in the company is an important aspect. Survey results are very useful for organisation’s management, as they show which satisfaction factors need further attention in order to improve the situation in practice. It is also important to carry out individual interviews with employees at least once a year, which can be carried out by the management or the HR manager.

Information from employees

Employees have a lot of information, but we need to be able to capture it correctly. All information, be it from sales, after sales, production, planning, procurement or marketing, finance, etc. is important. The flow of information between company managers ensures the integrity of decision-making. How to motivate employees to provide credible information, how to capture and process that information?

Is your management team top-notch or just average?

Good results require a first-rate team. Even if it is mediocre at the moment, you can turn it into a winning team with training, guidance and motivation. The fit between your team members is also important. Some people swear by having only zodiac signs that match each other on their team, others match people by energy, while others leave everything to chance. Which one is the winner? Research has shown a significant correlation between individual/organisational fit and turnover. If employees do not identify with a company, be it on a physical, emotional or energy level, the turnover is higher, which results in higher costs for the company. Turnover is defined as any departure of employees from a company for various reasons.

Our services:

  • Employee satisfaction assessment.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Company situational analysis of employees.
  • Analysis of the energy match between employees.
  • Employee accountability matrix.
  • Proposal of a reward system and methodology.
  • Recommendations and improvement measures.

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