O-LCA of the whole organisation

  • Do you want to calculate the carbon footprint of your whole organisation?
  • Are you getting ready to decarbonise your business?
  • Do you want to take a systematic approach to improving your company's environmental performance?
  • Do you need data to complete the CDP climate change questionnaire?
  • Ali se pripravljate na trajnostno poročanje ESG?

If you replied yes to any of the above, we recommend that you carry out an O-LCA, organisational life cycle assessment.

What is an O-LCA?

An O-LCA is an assessment of environmental impacts at the level of the organisation in accordance with ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14072 and EN 15804 standards.

OLCA is a methodology that identifies, from a process perspective, quantifies and assesses environmental impacts inside and outside the organisation. It takes into account suppliers and other partners in the value chain related to the provision of the organisation's product portfolio.

The OLCA goes beyond single product assessments to quantify a company's emissions footprint at the highest level and includes an environmental action plan to achieve the targets set at the organisation level.

O-LCA will help you to:

  • identify environmental hot spots (critical areas);
  • track environmental performance over time;
  • improve organisational decision-making;
  • determine actions for reducing environmental impacts;
  • meet regulatory requirements.

Defining sustainability objectives with the help of O-LCA

At the organisational level, O-LCA will help you define: analytical, managerial and social objectives.

How does the O-LCA process work?

Step 1 of OLCA:

Defining the objectives and scope of the LCA

  • Determining the desired calculated target data
  • Establishing system boundaries
  • Determining which data can be credibly captured
  • Determining cut-off criteria

Step 2 of OLCA:

Data inventory and capture

  • Categorisation and grouping of processes
  • Process modelling with software
  • Data collection

Step 3 of OLCA:

Calculations according to the methodology

  • CO2 emissions calculation for each process
  • CO2 emissions calculation for each system boundary
  • O-LCA analysis at company level.

Step 4 of OLCA:

Comparative LCA

  • Compliance with environmental measures at the organisational level.
  • Benchmarking against your own or a competitor's product
  • Comparison of CO2 emissions for processes without and with measures

Step 5 of OLCA:

Results and report

  • Preparation of results and report
  • Presentation to the client

Our services:

  • Carrying out an O-LCA.
  • Assistance in defining sustainability actions to improve your company's environmental footprint.
  • Preparing a comparative O-LCA that already takes into account sustainability measures.

Are you ready to make a change and reduce your company's environmental impact?

We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve impact on all three pillars of sustainability.

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