NPD – new product development

Developing a new product requires a clear, well-defined project path. One such method is Stage Gate,which removes chaos and provides a clear structure that all project stakeholders can see and follow.

New product development can be a risky venture for an organisation. At each stage of the project, stakeholders review and provide feedback on any necessary adjustments before moving on to the next stage, reducing the risk of developing a poor quality product or even generating a budget shortfall.

Digitalised forms for new product development:

  • approval of a development task;
  • basic data for the development of a new product;
  • list of proposed changes;
  • handover of the new product to production.

Idea generation and new product planning must involve three functions of the company:

  • Research and development
  • Marketing
  • Production

Our services:

  • Consultancy on establishing clear pathways for new product development.
  • Consultancy on idea generation.
  • Consultancy on selecting digital tools for NPD.
  • Consultancy on market research.
  • Consultancy on obtaining funding for innovative product development.

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