Sustainability plan of a socially responsible employer

To successfully cover the third ESG pillar, a company must be informed about socially responsible behaviour and have planned and clearly written implementation measures.

“The sustainability plan is developed based on an analysis of the existing state, the selection of reporting indicators within the ESG – ESRS social pillar and the definition of desired targets. Actions are designed to improve the situation in this area, and monitoring of the results is put in place. This will form the basis for the preparation of the ESG report.”

The sustainability plan addresses company's social challenges and outlines actions for reducing negative and increasing positive impacts on the economy, society and environment.

Through a set of actions, the plan will systematically contribute to:

  • improving the work-life balance;
  • improving workplace safety and health;
  • intergenerational collaboration;
  • ethical leadership;
  • non-discrimination in the workplace.

It allows companies to improve working conditions, establish flexible forms of work organisation, and improve organisational climate and work culture.

Our services:

  • Corporate social responsibility mapping (analysis of the existing situation, targets).
  • Consultancy on the selection of ESRS social indicators for the company.
  • Proposal of measures.
  • Development of a sustainability plan with an action plan.
  • Plan for measuring results.

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