Sustainable investing

The European Green Deal sets out a path for Europe to become the first climate neutral continent by 2050. It sets out a new, sustainable and inclusive growth strategy, with the objective of encouraging business to invest sustainably.

Green industrial transition

Achieving a fully sustainable economy powered by green energy by 2050 will require radically transforming the industrial sector. One of the key focuses of the European Green Deal will be building a circular economy, which means taking action to encourage companies to use, produce and sell sustainable products that can be reused.

If the EU economy is to be climate neutral by 2050, massive investments in clean energy technologies will be needed. The European Commission estimates that additional EUR 260 billion should be invested each year just to reach the interim target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.

Recommendation: Sustainable investments in your company should be carefully planned 3–5 years ahead and should focus on:

  • Investments in clean energy,
  • Investments in new, green technologies,
  • Investments in energy renovation of buildings,
  • Investments in training workers for the new green jobs of the future,
  • Investments in green transition (purchase of BAT machinery and equipment, investments in digitalisation, development of low CO2 products, green certificates, etc.).2, zeleni certifikati itd.).

Before making an investment, also check whether it is eligible for any funding.

Our services:

  • Assistance in the preparation of annual or multi-annual investment plans (sustainable planning).
  • Preparation of a financial plan, calculation of the investment payback period, IRR and NPV.
  • Investment review in terms of compliance with green transition guidelines for achieving the 2030 target.
  • Consultancy on obtaining EU funding for your investment.

Are you ready to make a change and reduce your company's environmental impact?

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