Apply for funding in Slovenian and EU calls

There are various programmes where municipalities can apply for funding for projects they have planned in the new programme perspective until 2027.

European grants are a strong support for many municipalities in the realisation of their projects. Whether you are making an investment in utility infrastructure, construction of cultural centres, primary schools, kindergartens, bike paths, water supply and sewage systems, fibre optics, etc., there is funding available in EU calls.

Some municipalities are more and others less successful in tapping into EU funds. One of the main obstacles to fully exploiting the possibilities of EU funding for projects in municipalities is the lack of time to prepare good projects and the lack of project ideas.

Project ideas, IDZs and DIIPs must be prepared in advance. Under the 2021–2027 perspective, projects should be primarily sustainability oriented and adhere to ESG guidelines.

Our services:

  • Assisting municipalities in idea sourcing and selection.
  • Feasibility study of project ideas.
  • Assistance in sustainability planning.
  • Preparation of terms of reference for the selection of contractors.
  • Selecting the appropriate call for the realisation of the project idea.
  • Application for funding.
  • Administrative management and reporting.

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