Digital transformation of the company

Digital transformation helps companies increase their productivity, growth and competitive edge. Work processes are optimised, information flow is improved, planning is made more efficient, a systematic approach is taken to new product development, new promotion, sales and communication methods are made possible. Company’s digital transformation starts by designing a digital strategy.

Steps in the development of company’s digital strategy

Company’s digital transformation is necessary for modernising its operations and making it more adaptable to changing circumstances. The three steps od digitally transforming a company are listed below.

  1. step – Assessing state of digitalisation

The current state and digital maturity are assessed based on established approaches and indicators. A penetration test (network security test with report) is conducted.

  1. step – Developing a plan for developing company's digital capabilities

Developing a proposal with solutions for upgrading company's IT system and moving to a higher level of digital maturity, and assistance in obtaining quotations.

  1. step – Drawing up company's digital strategy

Network security, IT, marketing and HR experts will be involved in the development of the digital strategy.

Digital strategy areas

  • Customer experience;
  • Data strategy;
  • Business support processes and digital solutions;
  • Digital business models, products and services;
  • Digital workforce and jobs development strategy;
  • Digital culture development strategy;
  • cybersecurity;
  • Industry 4.0.

Appendix 1: Digitalisation competitor analysis.

Appendix 2: Digitalisation action plan with a timetable.

Our services:

  • Assessment of the state of digitalisation in your company with a maturity assessment.
  • Preparation of a development plan for the introduction of new digital solutions, tools.
  • Developing a digital strategy for a 2–4-year period.
  • Competitor analysis in the field of digitalisation.
  • Digitalisation action plan with a timetable and cost estimate.

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