Public sector

Cooperation projects

LAG connects municipalities and other partners based on a contractual partnership between public and private entities. Under this scheme, municipalities can obtain funding for small projects. It is wise to plan applications sustainably, together with societies and private individuals, in order to create synergies of impacts (e.g. an integrated tourism product, a unique experience, etc.).

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Complete energy renovation

Objekti, ki se ogrevajo s fosilnimi gorivi (ELKO, UNP) in v zadnjih 12 letih niso bili energetsko sanirani, niso skladni z zahtevami PURES 3. Obstoječe slabo energetsko stanje objektov in energetskih naprav v objektih povzroča prekomerno obremenjevanje okolja z emisijami CO2 in prašnimi delci ter visoke stroške obratovanja in vzdrževanja objektov. Poleg tega obstoječe stanje prav

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Public-private partnerships

As a form of strategic partnership between public and private sector institutions, public-private partnerships can successfully contribute to reducing public expenditure on public services and to maintaining the achieved level of public services, provided that the content of the cooperation, the risk and other contractual relations between the public and private partners are properly defined and the public interest is verified.

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