Energy cooperatives

With the uncertain situation in the energy market, energy independence is becoming increasingly important. One solution for municipal energy independence is energy cooperatives based on renewable energy sources.

A municipality can be a member of such a cooperative, as long as it uses the energy for its own needs and not for selling in the market. Municipalities are usually also the initiators of energy cooperatives. A community solar power plant offers the possibility of generating own electricity from the sun, even for those who do not have a roof to put up solar panels. Many households have already had their applications rejected because they cannot connect to the grid.

The most important step in this process is to identify all potential large rooftops (public and private) in the municipality, to draw up a conceptual design for the solar power plant, and to obtain consent for connection to the grid.

The concluded contract will allow you to buy the electricity at a guaranteed price or to receive a premium for the sold electricity.

Co-owners of the energy cooperative will be entitled to a share in the community solar power plant and thus to cheaper electricity from renewable sources. This will ensure a cleaner environment in the municipality, a reduction in particulate matter emissions (PM10, PM2.5), and a reduction In CO2 emissions. The energy cooperative prepares and implements community projects for using renewable energy sources in the municipality, thus allowing the financial and social benefits to remain in the local environment.

Our services:

  • Development of a conceptual design for an energy cooperative in the municipality.
  • Selection of a business model.
  • Preparation of all the necessary legal documents for the establishment of the cooperative, and the regulation of the relations with the grid operator.
  • Preparation of a business and financial plan for the energy cooperative.
  • Arranging financing.
  • Preparation of application for the public call.

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