ISO 14001 - environmental management system

The demand for and supply of environmentally responsible products and services are growing. Companies are expected to ensure that their products comply with environmental standards and to demonstrate environmental responsibility in their day-to-day operations, which they need to prove with a certificate. ISO 14001 covers compliance with legal requirements, efficient resource use and pollution prevention.

ISO 14001 puts an emphasis on product life cycle assessment (LCA).

Steps to obtain ISO 14001 certification:

  1. Applying for co-financing (up to 60%).
  2. Assessment of environmental performance against requirements of the standard.
  3. Preparation for certification.
  4. Certification audit.
    1. year: Initial audit, certification audit
    2. year: Surveillance audit 1
    3. year: Surveillance audit 2

Benefits and advantages for your organisation:

  • Easier transition to green economy.
  • Acquisition of new customers.
  • Increased trust from customers, banks, local community.
  • Identification and elimination of environmental hot spots in the company.
  • Optimisation of operations and improved cost control (energy, materials, logistics).

Our services:

  • Applying for co-financing (up to 60%).
  • Assessment of environmental performance against requirements of the standard.
  • Preparation for certification.
  • We work with professional certification companies for item 4.

Are you ready to make a change and reduce your company's environmental impact?

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