European funding for the green transition

Slovenia will have access to around EUR 3.2 billion for investments in a greener, more digital, connected, social and smarter country. 25% of this funding will be available for the green transition, i.e. for investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency improvements in buildings, flood safety and water drainage and treatment.

Priority areas:

  • Smarter Slovenia (innovative and smart economic transformation);
  • Greener, low-carbon Slovenia (including energy transition, circular economy, climate change adaptation and risk management);
  • More connected Slovenia (mobility and ICT connectivity);
  • More social Slovenia (European social rights pillar and support for healthcare); and
  • Slovenia that is closer to its citizens (sustainable development of urban, rural and coastal areas and local initiatives).

Europe also provides additional funding that companies can apply for. Relevant programmes:

  • CEF

Here are some programmes where you can apply for funding.

Funding programmes


The new Just Transition Fund will support Zasavje and Savinjsko-Šaleška regions in phasing out coal.


You can choose from a range of cross-border, transnational and interregional projects. The programmes are sustainably oriented with a focus on achieving ESG objectives. Eligible costs are small investments and primarily programme collaborations (realisation of pilot projects, small-scale research, development of new concepts, promotion of goodwill).


This call focuses on projects in four areas:

  • Innovative electrification in industry and hydrogen (EUR 1 billion);
  • Clean-tech manufacturing (support for the production of components and final equipment such as electrolysers and fuel cells, innovative renewable equipment, energy storage or heat pumps) (EUR 700 million);
  • Medium-sized pilot projects that validate, test or optimise highly innovative solutions (EUR 300 million);
  • General decarbonisation, available to all projects eligible for Innovation Fund funding, except those falling under RePowerEU specific topics (EUR 1 billion).


Three programme sectors:

  • CEF Energy
  • CEF Telecom
  • CEF Transport (secure car parks, e-charging, multi-modal logistics platforms)

Eligible costs:

  • Studies (including exploratory studies, feasibility studies, valuations, testing and validation studies, site surveys)
  • Implementation projects (including procurement, supply and implementation of components, systems and services, development, construction and installation, supply of installations)


This law specifies the types of investment incentives, the conditions, criteria and procedure for granting investment incentives, and the activities for promoting investments and the internationalisation of companies.

It promotes projects:

  • with an investment value of over EUR 12 million;
  • with investment in machinery and technological equipment accounting for at least 50% of eligible costs;
  • that create at least 25 jobs.

The intensity of the aid depends on the size of the company and the number of points it scored in the assessment.


Decree on granting regional aid and on methods for the implementation of regional employment initiatives and employment and investment tax relief.

When granting aid on the basis of a direct application under Article 31 of the decree, a project is considered to make a significant contribution to regional development through the creation or preservation of jobs if:

  • it is located in a problem area with high unemployment or in a border problem area or in an area of autochthonous national communities or in an area of the Triglav National Park, and guarantees at least the preservation of existing jobs; or is to create at least 20 new jobs;
  • the investment documentation is prepared in accordance with the decree laying down a uniform methodology for the preparation and processing of investment documentation in the field of public finance;
  • the construction of facilities is planned on a site compliant with the zoning act, as evidenced by the attached opinion of the local self-governing authority.


Subsidies and soft loans for green investments

Various programmes are promoted:

  • heating and ventilation;
  • insulation and windows;
  • energy efficiency;
  • electricity self-supply;
  • construction or complete renovation of buildings;
  • vehicles and sustainable mobility infrastructure;
  • water;
  • air pollution reduction;
  • waste management and asbestos removal;
  • initial investments in environmental technologies.

Check the different programmes on their website:


SEF is the leading national public finance fund supporting SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups, reducing gaps in access to finance and to substantive support through effective financial incentives and substantive programmes, and co-financing various business services (vouchers).

Check the different programmes on their website:

  • Soft loans
  • Support for start-ups
  • Vouchers

Our services:

  • Consultancy on defining the concept and choosing the right funding programme.
  • Assistance in medium-term (3–5-year) investment planning and monitoring of programmes for you.
  • Preparing a complete call application.
  • Assistance in the preparation of claims and reports.
  • Consultancy on meeting all the requirements of the call to avoid clawback.

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