Business processes in a company and their optimisation

Business processes enable the operation of a business system (success/failure of a business).

Owners and managers are constantly trying to improve business performance, and looking for ideas and solutions for reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Effective business process management requires paying attention to 4 key areas: finance, employees, product and process.


Good staff, good leadership, an accountability matrix, knowledge transfer to younger generations and a healthy motivational attitude provide companies with a market advantage.

Key process optimisation measures:

  • Attracting talent and motivating employees.
  • Improving leadership skills.
  • HR strategy and performance management, accountability matrix.
  • Succession planning for key employees.


Good sales results require three things: a good product, a customer network and a sales strategy. It is important to accurately define how the product will be different from the competitors’, how it will be positioned in the market, at what price it will enter the market, how it will be promoted, what after-sales services it will require, etc.

Key process optimisation measures:

  • Acquiring new clients – customers.
  • Breaking into new markets.
  • Developing new products in the company (Stage Gate, TRIZ).
  • Growth plan (sales plan).

Process, production

The production plan and its realisation must have an index above 100. It is unacceptable that orders are piling up, and customers are waiting for a product for over a year. It is also unacceptable that the % of defects in products is increasing. Product post-calculations can show that some products are in the red. If this is happening to you, then it is time to optimise your production processes.

Key process optimisation measures:

  • Lean manufacturing and controlling.
  • Training in production.
  • Production digitalisation.


Revenue and expenditure affect company's cash position and its solvency over time. Managing cash flows is essential for the success and survival of a company.

Key process optimisation measures:

  • Active cash flow monitoring.
  • Cost control and controlling.
  • Sustainable financing.

Our services:

  • Business process modelling and optimisation.
  • CO2 emissions calculation for each process2 za posamezen poslovni proces,
  • Accountability matrix.
  • Optimisation proposal with digital solutions.

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